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There’s something about a tough guy who’s close with his mother that makes my heart melt.

Some of these celebs out here may try to act reckless and appear like they really don’t give a fuck, but we know they really give a fuck about their mommas, and it’s just so damn cute.

That’s the kind of guy I love.

A little rough and tough, but sweet and sensitive when appropriate.

So, since it’s Mother’s Day, why not have an ode to tough guys and their moms?

Good? Good.


Take a look…

Everything Diddy touches turns to gold, and the same goes for his mom.

John Mayer and his velour jacket love his mom.

We all know Jim Jones loves his mom, no matter what they go through.

The Biebs may be running around the world with his shirt off, but he always keeps it classy around his mom.

Waka’s mom also happens to be his manager.

Drake might not be that tough, but his mom is just too precious.

We all know how much 2Pac loved his Dear Mama.

And we all know Joyce holds Chris Brown down.

Rick Ross might be the Bawse, but his mom is the bawse lady.

David Beckham takes his mom out to eat and they take really cute pictures like this one:

Bradley Cooper, maybe not a tough guy, but definitely a dapper one… and he takes his mom to red carpet events.

Lil Wayne even walks his mom down the aisle. How precious is that?

So Happy Mother’s Day. Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman, of course.

Tyler knows.