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Last month, Wyclef was seen walking around New York City, holding a guitar that resembled an AK-47.

Why was he doing this? The rapper was trying to make a statement about gun violence, saying that he wanted to turn weapons into music.

Before that stunt, Wyclef had released a new mixtape called April Showers where, in a lot of the tracks, he goes for a more conscious sound (similar to what Snoop Lion did with his “No Guns Allowed” single).

The other day the rapper was seen in Middle Village, Queens shooting the video for “April Showers,” one of the cuts off the tape of the same name. 

Pix11 was one of the media outlets on the set with the rapper. They chopped it with him for a sec, and here’s what he had to say:

“What we need in the coffin is not our kids, you know? We need the guns in the coffin.”

A not-for-profit entity called Guns for Cameras is one of the forces backing the video. Look out for the “April Showers” video soon.