After fixing more broken structures than Bob the Builder and riding out some of the most thrilling plot twists on television this season, Olivia Pope is going on a much-needed vacation. ABC’s hit show Scandal is closing off its second season of pure drama tonight, and although the show features sex, lies, murder and deceit, we think scandal is a suitable word to round up more than just the sitcom’s happenings. 

When in character, Kerry Washington‘s Olivia Pope plays it cool in power suits, trench coats and heels as she dominates the Capitol, tongue tangos with the President, and fixes..err…everything. But off screen, Kerry’s fashion choices aren’t quite as safe as Olivia’s are. 

While we are heartbroken by the prospect of Scandal-less Thursdays flying by, find some solace in this secret: Kerry Washington is a little more scandalous than Olivia when it comes to one thing: fashion. 

At a glance, it may seem like Kerry’s a polished good girl on the red carpets, but we’re here to show you some of Kerry’s most scandalous fashion moments in the last year…and we mean that in the best, naughtiest way possible. From matching her manicure to her dress (gasp!), to wearing hair bows on the red carpet, one thing Ms. Washington doesn’t do is play by the style rules. 

She isn’t afraid of jazzing up her beauty regime with a few scandalous highlights. 

And if it’s hot out, you better believe Kerry is going to show as much skin as she damn well pleases. 

But one thing Kerry does really well is play up her innocence with flirty dresses…to distract from all the thigh she shows in sky-high pumps. 

She does it again in this Mary Katrantzou dress. Sweet floral frock, innocent head tilt…

Until you take a closer look at her F-me spiked Christian Louboutin pumps…the kind you leave on while getting frisky with the president. 

And then she’ll slip into a leather freak ’em dress like this. Unintentional sex appeal. 

And she even rocks them in black, dominatrix style. 

When she isn’t wearing leather and spikes, she’s again being the good girl with Louis Vuitton bows in her hair. 

Or with pretty polite high buns. 

And then she does it again and serves up straight scandalous sex appeal, with a touch of class. 

But always reminds us that she has what it takes to get a little dark if needed. 

Another reason to love her versatility? She can mix not one, not two, but three prints and still smirk about it. 

There was that one time she went completely nude at the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party and didn’t wear any jewels at all…not even earrings. Now if that isn’t rebelling against the man, I don’t know what is!

And she even allowed her nails to go naked to the MTV Movie Awards.

And when they told her mullet skirts were “so last season,” she showed up in this scandalous bad boy and shut them all up. 

And went against all acceptable fashion norms when she matched her dress EXACTLY 

to her manicure…and we loved it. 

So, Kerry isn’t the traditional idea of Scandalous fishnets and mini-skirts when it comes to fashion, but she sure does know how to shake the proverbial tree by subtly doing everything “they” say we aren’t supposed to. 

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