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June 18th is going to be one of the best days music has seen in a very long time, and honestly, we’re elated. 

Kanye West returned to Twitter with his cryptic “June Eighteen” tweet, and basically shut down the internet with rumors of a new album.

In the midst of all the excitement, I almost had a heart attack from extreme and intense jubilation. 

But then I had to remind myself that “June Eighteen” could practically mean anything in the “United Kingdom Of Yeezy,” so I told myself to sit back and relax to see what Kanye had up his Givenchy sleeves. 

Just when I thought we wouldn’t hear anything from Kanye for a few weeks, he systematically took over the world with his Wizard Of Oz-delivered “New Slaves” performance, and confirmed that Yeezus Christ is coming to save the earth on June 18. 

Then, the excitement was back on like Donkey Kong. 

Kanye West’s album isn’t the only record the whole world is excited about.

Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller is releasing his sophomore album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off on the same day, and although he locked in his release date first, we’re glad to see he hasn’t waivered against the music forces of Yeezy. 

Just when hip-hop heads thought June 18 was the day that only Kanye and Mac were going to release their albums, Roc Nation rapper J.Cole dropped a bomb…

…he decided to move up the release date of his highly-anticipated album Born Sinner to compete with Kanye’s Yeezus. 

Yes, we were skeptical at first, but….

After further evaluation, J.Cole moving up his release date is a great idea.

Besides the anticipation of Kanye, J.Cole, and Mac Miller’s new albums, there’s also been whispers about Kelly Rowland’s fourth studio album, Talk A Good Game, which features her controversial “Dirty Laundry” track.

The album is also said to feature appearances by Beyonce, Michelle Williams, Pusha T, and The-Dream.

Although most people (including us) are assuming Kanye’s Yeezus will debut at number one, we’ve learned in the past not rush to judgment.  

Anything can happen in the world of music. 

So GlobalGrind decided to break down the little bit of information we have on our top four releases of June 18.

Check it out below! 

Mac Miller

Title: Watching Movies With The Sound Off

Album Number:

Previous First Week Numbers: 145,000 – debuted at number 1. 

Features: SchoolBoy Q, Earl Sweatshirt, Cam’ron (Rumored features) 

Tracklisting: N/A 

Lead Single: “S.D.S” 


Kanye West

Title: Yeezus 

Album Number: 6 (not including Watch The Throne) 

Previous First Week Numbers: 496,000 – debuted at number 1.

Features: N/A 

Tracklisting: N/A 

Lead Single: “New Slaves” 

J. Cole 

Title: Born Sinner 

Album Number: 2 

Previous First Week Numbers: 218,000 – debuted at number 1. 

Features: Miguel (so far) 

Tracklisting: N/A 

Lead Single: “Power Trip” 

Kelly Rowland

Title: Talk A Good Game

Album Number: 4

Previous First Week Numbers: 77,000 – debuted at number 3. 

Features: Beyonce, Michelle Williams, The-Dream, Kevin Cossom, Pusha T 


  • 1. Freak
  • 2. Kisses Down Low
  • 3. Gone (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)
  • 4. Talk a Good Game (Feat. Kevin Cossom)
  • 5. Down On Love
  • 6. Dirty Laundry 
  • 7. You Changed (Feat. Beyoncé & Michelle)
  • 8. I Remember
  • 9. Red Wine
  • 10. This Is Love
  • 11. Street Life (Feat. Pusha T)
  • 12. Stand In Front of Me
  • 13. Sky Walker (Feat. The-Dream)
  • 14. Put Your Name On It
  • 15. #1

Lead Single: “Kisses Down Low”