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It’s Memorial Day Weekend and there will be the infamous white parties all over America.

Miami, Vegas, the Hamptons, L.A., you name the place and chances are everyone will be dressed in their finest (all white) party attire to usher in the summer season. 

But what do you do if you’re not on the list? Do you turn around and go home? Of course not, silly. You improvise.

We’ve come up with a few clever ways to crash your local white party if you didn’t make the guest list…

Don’t roll too deep. It’s a lot easier to get in one person than it is to get in two or more.

Bring someone cute. Bouncers can’t resist cute.

Let me clarify that, bring a cute girl. 

Or a lot of girls. Especially your extra friendly flirty friend. 

Make sure the person or people you bring follow the dress code.

Don’t wait in line! Simply walk up to the front of the line like you belong there. Because you do.

If the person with the list is giving you a hard time, don’t spazz out. 

Don’t pout either. Don’t give the bouncer a hard time. Just keep cool and stand off to the side. 

After a short while, ask said bouncer to check the list again. Give him a nickname, but glance at the list and tell them to check for a name you see there. 

If that doesn’t work, tell them you know someone famous and say you’ll call them.

If all else fails, don’t be afraid to stroke the ego of whoever has the list in their hand. That or grease their palms….

Photos via Last Night Party, Tumblr