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It’s the dream team, meets the supreme team. 

Jay-Z has signed the latest athlete to RocNation Sports and it’s none other than New York Jets rookie Quarterback Geno Smith

The NFL baller has been dubbed the QB of the future for the Jets and he’s taking everything in stride. Life + Times welcomed Geno to the family with a post on the website. Geno joins Skylar Diggins and Robinson Cano as the first few athletes to sign with RocNation, but Hov ain’t playing. 

Geno dropped his original agent when his draft stock dropped out of the first round of the NFL draft. The QB also explained why he chose to go with Hov.

“I know this isn’t because of an image thing or trying to market myself,” Smith added. “It’s just about being comfortable with the guys who are going to represent me. Ultimately, that’s why I made the decision.”

Now we just need Hov to sign an NBA baller!

SOURCE: ESPN // Photo Credit: Instagram