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Apparently, Justin Bieber’s reckless driving is not only annoying to the whole world, it’s also annoying to former NFL baller Keyshawn Johnson

Matter of fact, Bieber’s bad driving pissed Keyshawn Johnson off so bad that he reportedly called the cops on “The Biebs.” 

According to TMZ

Justin Bieber is under police investigation for ANOTHER reckless driving incident — allegedly driving his Ferrari at breakneck speeds in his gated community.

The incident occurred at around 8 PM Sunday night.  L.A. County Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore tells TMZ … cops received 2 separate calls in different locations in the Calabasas community.  Sources say one of the callers was Keyshawn Johnson.

Whitmore says the callers reported Bieber was driving at a “startling high rate of speed.”   At least one child was playing in the area where Bieber was allegedly driving.

We’re told cops responded but Bieber refused to speak with them.

It’s obvious that Justin Bieber is one of those teenagers who thinks he’s Vin Diesel in The Fast And The Furious or one of those cool Asian kids in Tokyo Drift, but he seriously needs to slow down before he hurts himself, or more importantly, someone else.