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Rumors of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth breaking up have been taking over the blogosphere this year and up until now, the focus has pretty much been on Miley. We’re about to change that!

Yesterday we thought, “Hmm maybe they are breaking up. Liam might not be enough for that badass Miley he’s got on his hands.”

But today, like a long lost memory, it hit us and we suddenly remembered who we were talking about here. Liam Hemsworth is the crazy gorgeous guy whose looks stop you dead in your tracks – in fact, we couldn’t even imagine seeing him in person.

He’s the man we drooled over in The Hunger Games. He’s the talented, beautiful, successful, well-dressed, not-scared-to-commit, bright-eyed babe we hope for every day.

Certainly he’s a catch, and any woman on this Earth would love to be in Miss Miley’s shoes…

SO, are they breaking up? We honestly couldn’t tell you either way. BUT in light of our previous hasty assumption, we’d like to celebrate Liam with 13 of his sexiest, MILEY-LESS moments below. Have fun!

Liam is a class act, but very sexy at the same time…

His muscles have just the right definition…

And that dead on gaze gets us every time.

Very pensive Liam.

Liam’s such a tease with his shirt all open…

We needed a closer look.

Not too many rock a suit and tie like he does…

Or can do such a sexy arm stretch.

Remember what we said about his suits? 

Yeah, take it off Liam.

We’re drooling …

Washboard abs and perfectly tanned skin…

Did we mention he has a brother?

Photo Credit: WENN/SPLASH/DETAILS/GQ/Instagram

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