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We’ve all sat back and watched as Amanda Bynes continues her media frenzy, beefing with fellow celebrities on Twitter and threatening to sue any publication that speaks badly about her. The trouble is, most of us don’t remember when the spiral began, largely because she’s got a habit of deleting nasty tweets when the ish hits the fan! 

Don’t worry though, we got you.

We created a list of every beef Amanda Bynes has ever had – from her very first to her most recent – but certainly not last.

Follow along if you can…

1. Jay-Z

That’s right, y’all. Amanda first fired shots at the one and only Hov. In February 2013, Amanda’s downward spiral had only just begun. The 27-year-old retired actress began tweeting out her infamous selfies, but switched things up one day and tweeted out a picture of Jay-Z with the caption, “Ugly face.” Uh…uncalled for. She later deleted the tweet from her timeline.

2. Her parents

Amanda is apparently estranged from her parents and wants the world to know it! 



3. Every publication…ever

The media has been watching Amanda’s every move since her less-than-normal behavior began earlier this year. While we’re pretty sure she loves having the spotlight, Amanda’s definitely not a huge fan of paparazzi photos or the stories she claims are lies.




4. Jenny McCarthy

In early May, Hollywood publicist Jonathan Jaxon took to Twitter to confirm that he had spoken to Amanda and she was definitely on drugs. After hearing the news, police arrived at Bynes’ apartment. When Jenny tweeted about the situation, Amanda fired back, calling her “old” and “ugly.”

She later apologized and the two made up. 


5. Rihanna

On May 26, Amanda directed her anger toward our girl RiRi for seemingly no reason at all! Bynes tweeted: 

“@rihanna Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough”

And she wasn’t done there! She followed that insult up with another.

“@Rihanna no one wants to be your lover so you call everyone and their mother that I almost named my new dog Rihanna”

Though the tweets were quickly deleted, Rih responded back with this tweet:




Following her May 23rd arrest, Amanda went on one of her wildest Twitter rants yet, aimed at the New York Police Department.





7. Chrissy Teigen

The young model took to her Twitter to give her opinion on Amanda Bynes and her loyal followers. When Amanda got wind of what Chrissy was saying, she obviously fired back! Fortunately Chrissy took the high road, refusing to acknowledge Amanda or her fans.


8. Courtney Love

Courtney and Amanda clearly have a lot in common, so it should come as no surprise that Love tried reaching out to the 27-year-old troubled ex-child star. Unfortunately, Amanda took it the wrong way and Courtney found herself on the wrong end of Bynes’ wrath.

Love tweeted: “@AmandaBynes get your shit together dude” 

The two made up shortly after and, naturally, the tweets were deleted. Courtney even later tweeted more support for Amanda, asking that everyone lay off!


9. Perez Hilton 

Amanda and Perez have a long history. She first beefed with him for posting old photos of her on his blog. Her hatred for the blogger resurfaced recently and it wasn’t pretty! (No pun intended.)




Photo Credit: Gify, Wenn, Twitter