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Kim Kardashian giving cooking for her man another try.

The mother-to-be is readying for her babyshower that goes down later today, but last night it looks like she was in the kitchen, cheffing up some good ol’ soul food for her man, Kanye West, and the rest of his pals who were in a studio session.

The 32-year-old shared a photo of the results on her instagram, and captioned it:

Cooking again to tonight for my ❤ and the studio boys! #MacNCheese #FriedChicken #CornBread #GreenBeans 

#SweetPotatoeSufflet #BananaPudding #AllHisFave

Since Yeezy is busy finishing up the touches on his album with his boys, Kimmy is there to make sure he gets a hot meal with some of his favorites.

Go head girl! Get your cook on. We’re licking our fingers just thinking about Kanye getting a bite of it! Check out her keek of the whole activity below!

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