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We honestly weren’t sure where the Kardashians drew the line – the fun family doesn’t seem to have many boundaries. But, being the Lord he is, Scott Disick helped the world finally find an uncomfortable spot for the sisters, and it was all in the premiere episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that aired this past Sunday.

As the father of two urged Kourtney to get a little freakier in the sheets, the eldest sister was mortified by Scott’s sudden “backdoor” needs and ran to her newly slim sister, Khloe, for help.

The plan they came up with together was hilarious and it actually got Scott off of Kourtney’s back … no pun intended. Let’s just say he ended up getting a small taste of his own backdoor medicine.

If you missed the premiere, check out the clip below to find out the sisters’ grand scheme against LD – it’s definitely a good laugh.

Photo Credit: GETTY