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The Purge is in theaters now. 

Earlier this week, we gave you a small snippet of my interview with Ethan Hawke, but now we’ve got even more. Ethan plays James Sandin, a security salesman who just made out like a fat cat on the eve of The Purge, a national holiday where crime is legal for 12 hours. 

We caught up with Ethan to talk about his new film and we got personal! 

We asked Ethan if he could Purge any one of his old characters, which one it would be …

“I would purge Sal from Brooklyn’s Finest,” he said. “He turned into a demon by the end of that movie. He needed to be purged.”

When asked who he would purge in real life, Ethan had another idea: 

“If it was real I would become an environmental terrorist. I would go and find some scumbag billionaire who is polluting the planet and blow up his offices. That’s what I would do.”

So while we asked the star of the film what his plan of attack would be if crime was legal, the movie has also sparked the question for all of us.

Of course GlobalGrind had to get in on the action. Here’s what we would do if The Purge was real! 

First we’d second guess the government for allowing us to do whatever the hell we wanted to do for 12 hours.

We’d go get all of our homies to join in the reindeer games.

After we got all of our weapons, we’ll hit the streets like

Our first kill would probably be something like this.

This is how we would choose who to Purge

Then we’ll be like this when we see someone big and scary coming!

Cry for our mama!

Then play dead until he leaves and once he’s gone we’ll be like

Then we will master the sneak attack!

Once we got the hang of it, we’ll be like boo!

Then we’d play catch me if you can. Bob and weave!

When someone actually gets hurt, we’d be like

If we got hungry…

Our last fight to the death would be like

Honestly we wouldn’t want to participate in The Purge, we just wanna watch the movie.