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The final Man Of Steel trailer has been released before the movie opens next week on June 14th. 

In this last all-out trailer, you get to see more special effects and more of the storyline; making it the perfect taste to hold fans over these last 7 days.

Maybe if a trailer like this was out before then, Superman’s movie dad Russell Crowe, who plays Jor El, would have actually watched a Superman movie…

Yes, that’s right! When asked if he pulled from the other movies to stay real to his character, Russell revealed he never watched a Superman movie before starring in Man Of Steel.  

“I have a confession, might as well just get it out. I’ve never seen any other Superman movie. I haven’t seen any of the ones with other guy in it or the ones with the new young fellow in it–haven’t seen that one either. I don’t have any references in terms of cinematic experience.

The only Superman reference I have is the 1950s black and white TV show that was on TV after school when I was a kid, so I really don’t have anything to draw.

The simple thing for me is I read the script. I thought it was a complex and really cool story in and of itself and I thought the problems that Jor-El faced in terms of his decisions as a father were really cool, so that’s why I got involved.”

Well one thing is for sure, Russell Crowe as Jor-El rocks.