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Today marks the second day of George Zimmerman’s murder trial, and if yesterday was any indication…this may take a while.

Only four potential jurors were questioned on Monday about their knowledge regarding Trayvon Martin’s death and the details surrounding the case.

The state and defense sifted through hundreds of questionnaires to narrow jurors down – the ultimate goal is to choose six jurors and four alternates that are objective and/or neutral to the case.


5:00 PM EST: Court recesses for day

4:30 PM EST: Potential juror E54 takes the stand. Described as a white male in his 50s.

– E54 thought about joining Zimmerman protests because he wasn’t arrested initially.

– “I don’t understand why the Sanford police didn’t charge him.”

– “My son dresses the same way as Trayvon Martin, so I talked to him about the shooting.” Told his son to be careful. 

– Told court that he also told his son that “people wearing that outfit can be misconstrued.”

4:14 PM EST: Potential juror E40 takes the stand. Described as a white woman in her 60s. Lived in Iowa at the time of the shooting.

– When asked about facts in case, E40 said, “I just didn’t have time” to follow case, too busy at work. She did know “somebody was a teenager.”

3:38 PM EST: Potential juror E6 (woman) takes the stand.

– Juror E6 tells Rionda that she always takes news “with a grain of salt,” and could judge case on the evidence.

– Tells court that she remembers Trayvon was wearing a hoodie. Told her 11 and 13-year-olds not to walk outside at night and that “there was a teenager and he was killed.” Warned against giving off “false impressions.”

2:44 PM EST: Potential juror B86 takes the stand. Also a woman.

– When asked about facts of the case she’s familiar with, she said the media “blows things out of proportion.” Mentions hearing her sons talk/make fun of the “Skittles” that Trayvon was holding when he was shot.

– B86 also recalls seeing bloody photos of Zimmerman after struggle with Trayvon. “It looked like a broken nose.” She thought “something severe happened.”

– Says she thought Trayvon was expelled from school. She said she “doesn’t want to judge” Trayvon/parents, but that struck a chord because she’s big on school discipline.

Also alluded that if Trayvon didn’t get suspended, he might be alive today.

2:09 PM EST: Potential juror B65 takes the stand. She is described as a black woman, no age given.

– Told Rionda that her church, Greater New Mount Zion Church, is her news source. Her pastor led prayer for both families. Someone from her church told her about the rallies in Sanford.

– B65 hadn’t seen a picture of George Zimmerman until yesterday. She only saw Trayvon’s face on t-shirts at church.

1:38 PM EST: Potential juror B55 takes the stand. Described as a student, aged 18-25.

– Tells Rionda that she gets most of her news from Facebook’s newsfeed. Has not talked to any of her FB friends about case.

– Says the “African American was wearing a hoodie,” and she recalls the incident happened in a low-income neighborhood.

– Says she just took her finals, so being involved in trial will not pose any hardships. She is taking a summer trip with family that could interfere.

12:10 PM EST: It’s being reported that 41 potential jurors were dismissed on Monday. No clarification how many were dismissed today. Judge calls for lunch break. 

11:17 AM EST: Potential juror B51 takes the stand. Described as a female, 60-70 years old.

– Juror does read the paper and watches the news. One of the first potential jurors to do so.

– Says though she watches news, hasn’t formed an opinion about the case. Says her family talks more about their “dysfunction” than the news. She doesn’t tweet.

– When asked if she felt Zimmerman did anything wrong as neighborhood watch, she replied that he was “doing what he was supposed to be doing.” Followed up when asked again that he might have done something wrong by not waiting on police.

– Open to changing her opinion, she said.

10:35 AM EST: Potential juror B37 takes the stand. Bernie de la Rionda questioning her. Described as white female.

– Says she remembers the riots and the names in the case. Says the newspapers are used in the parrot’s cage, not even read. “Doesn’t think they’re “truthful.”

– Did not know what George Zimmerman was charged with before being selected for jury selection.

– Remembers that Trayvon was a “boy of color,” when asked what he looked like.

– Does not trust media so she doesn’t watch news. Only used the internet to search for recipes and look for information on her pets (she has many). Husband will be “TV police” if she is chosen for trial.

10:03 AM EST: Juror is up for questioning. He is described as a middle-aged black man with a gold earring. He watches Sean Hannity and Fox for news updates.

– B35 doesn’t like focus on potentially racial cases, rather than “when it’s our own kids being killed by our own kids.” 

He also does not believe that the killing was “racially motivated.”

– B35 knows about Rep Frederica Wilson’s comment that Trayvon Martin was hunted like a “rabid dog.” Doesn’t agree.

– He also mentions that all his family is “pro-Trayvon.”

9:00 AM EST: Zimmerman, judge and lawyers arrive at court. Juror questioning begins, starting with potential juror “B7

– Juror B7 is described as a middle-aged white man. Listens to NPR, BBC, reads the Orlando Sentinel and believes people should not be convicted in the court of public opinion.

– Talks to his father about the case (says his father is “into” it).

– Juror B7 told Bernie de a Rionda, “I didn’t like the way the news covered it… It felt very speculative.” 


Here’s What To Expect Today:

Jury selection will continue. Stay updated with GlobalGrind as we give you a play by play of what’s to come.

What You Missed Yesterday:

In opening statements, Trayvon’s family asked for peace and put their trust in the justice system.

– Robert Zimmerman addressed media in the courtroom and asked that they view his brother as a “real person.”

– State attorney Bernie de la Rionda kicked off juror questioning. In all, four jurors (B12, B29, B30, B76) were questioned about their knowledge of the case. 

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