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As the resident Massachusetts-raised member of GlobalGrind, I have some opinions about Tim Tebow signing to the New England Patriots on Monday.

At first, I was shocked. 

Then, considering I find Tebow’s holier than thou attitude and social politics super annoying, I was kinda pissed. 

But as a die-hard Pats fan, I slowly realized I was gonna have to get used to seeing Tebow in a Patriots jersey.

As per his usual stoic manner, we’ll never know how Bill Belichick really feels about bringing Tebow under his tutelage.

And I can imagine Tebow is pleased, considering he’s going from this…

To this…

But some sports writers think that taking on Tebow is a sign of the Pats’ “desperation” considering we lost two of our starting receivers…Especially Wes Welker, which I’m still upset about.

But even without Welker, this is the Patriots we’re talking about for god’s sake.

And Tebow hasn’t even earned a spot on the roster yet. So he better work hard or pray or something.

Because this dude is no longer his coach…

THIS is…

Welcome to the team, man. Don’t fuck it up!