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A little boob ain’t never hurt nobody!

On the cover of the July 2013 issue of Maxim Australia, Kerry Washington gets down to the basics, in this case meaning a little less clothes and a lot more skin, which, for the record, we are totally OK with. 

Ms. Washington ditches her good girl act to sport a black blazer, booty shorts, smoky eyes and a red lip and of course, she does so tastefully.

In the issue, Kerry talks about her importance of her role in Django Unchained and how crucial it is to educate African-Americans on their history.

Check out the interview below.

What attracted you to the role of Broomhilda?

I wanted to be a part of this incredible project that represents a painful part of US history but also creates a hero out of it. There were people who fought for freedom and rebelled but we don’t hear those stories. This is obviously not a documentary or a true story but it’s exciting to watch Jamie become this badarse cowboy hero.

Revenge tale that it is, there’s also a love story at the core of Django.

Quentin was always saying to Jamie, “Don’t forget, this is a love story.” I think one of the great things about Quentin is that he’s so complicated as a human being. He is so excited about these exploitation films and yet so believes in the real humanity of people. He is so into blood and gore but such a romantic. These seemingly contradictory ideas that he embodies so fluidly are why his films are so great – because he’s paying attention to both of those aspects.

Do you reckon watching this is a decent way to educate people about African-American history?

We don’t deal openly with the reality of what was done. Partly because it’s so uncomfortable. It’s so horrific. It would take a director like Tarantino, who’s not afraid of that level of violence, to even tell the story. It was that bad. We tend to think, “No, that’s just sci-fi fantasy sh-t.” We all should have seen this coming, though. When you kill off Hitler in a movie, your next project is going to be this.

SOURCE: Maxim Australia