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As always, the Jersey Shore cast never lets us down without a night of pure comedy. Last night was actually a mild night for the usual Jersey Shore antics but there were a few moments that made us all go WTF?! So here they are:

1. Mike finds Angelina’s used pad on the bathroom floor (eww gross!) and then he puts it underneath her pillow to teach her an insightful lesson about sanitation.

2. After a brief confrontation with the “Situation” over sanitation, Angelina goes on a slapping fest at Mike’s face, which will lead to the opener of next week’s episode.

3. Mike tries to get in a bathroom “quickie” with some random “model” in the club (Where they do that at?) but of course club security spotted the two and broke up the “panty party.”



Although this didn’t make last night’s top 3 WTF moments of Jersey Shore, I do believe these WTF moments deserve a “honorable mention.”

4. Sammi is still going out on dates with Ronnie like he wasn’t motor boating and 3-way kissing random chicks at the club two weeks ago! I mean WTF?! Is it just me or is the rest of America seeing how Ronnie is playing Sammi out to be a naïve love struck female who wouldn’t spot a cheating boyfriend if he was cheating right in front of her?

5. In a drunken haze, Snooki tickles JWoww’s feet while shes trying to get it on with her boyfriend Tom! WTF?! LOL To make matters worse Snooki doesn’t stop there, she then proceeds to pull the covers off the two love birds! After realizing that she’s really drunk and might have crossed the line Snooki runs for cover to Vinny’s bed. LOL Pure comedy.

One thing is for sure, the Jersey Shore cast know how to entertain America with their drunken stupors, hil