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Hip Hop DJ and record producer, a consultant to Nike, and DJ Clark Kent is ATF (Addicted To Fresh). In 2010, there are a lot of those from the younger generation coming up now that are unfamiliar with earlier time periods of hip hop. So here is a look at some of the work of music producer Clark Kent has been involved with in the hip hop industry along with the special Nike collabs and sneakers he has done.

Questions asked: ‘Was that song produced by Clark Kent?’
And ‘Were those Nikes designed by Clark Kent?’…

What a set of questions about the same person in todays culture. Nike is obviously very particular with who they select to work with and who has a say so in the design process of their products. Some of you may already know DJ Clark Kent’s music resume but for those who don’t after you learn what he has done for the music game you will know why he is ‘that dude’ in the sneaker game.

Most unknown work that Clark has been involved with found and signed the Grammy nominated boy band 98 Degrees, of which pop star Nick Lachey was an original member… Also Mariah Carey ‘Lover Boy’ from 2001… And of recent Rick Ross’ ‘Super High’ from 2010.

Here is one of the most infamous Nike collabs created and designed Clark… the Nike ‘112’ Pack.





[pagebreak] Produced & Designed by DJ Clark Kent

So Clark Kent was born Rodolfo Franklin is of Panamanian decent, and reps Brooklyn NY to the fullest and always has since day one. He got into the DJ and turntable game growing up around the age of 10, and being connected at a young age Clark has had the opportunity to be at the career beginnings for many of rap’s most talented stars and got to travel across the world showcasing his spinning talent. Clark Kent then tried to move into the production side of the music game to be more involved with the artists.

One of his first records produced that was a classic was Little Vicious ‘Nika’ from 1994. This was a definite Brooklyn classic as it embodied the ever-popular “Between The Sheets” sample from the Isley Brothers as Clark Kent made a reggae/hip-hop fusion.


In 1995, Clark got the chance for his first street hit with the Junior M.A.F.I.A. song ‘Player’s Anthem’ which featured The Notorious B.I.G., also being the first record that Lil’ Kim appeared on.



Another track of Biggie’s that DJ Clark Kent was responsible for was ‘Sky’s the Limit’ featuring 112 from his Life After Death that released in 1997.


The classic music video from the single… Spike Jonze’s kiddie-rap video concept.
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