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Hey y’all, I’m Young L from The Pack, known to family and friends as Lloyd Omadhebo.  I’m signed to SMC Recordings as a rap artist and a producer.  The other members of my group are Stunnaman, Uno, and Lil B.

I’m from Berkeley California, I just turned 23 years old, and I’m the oldest in The Pack.  I first started making rap beats when I was 15.  Ever since then, my creative outlet has been to make music from scratch even if I wasn’t planning on rapping on a particular beat myself.  As time went on I got more obsessed with making music and after a few years I realized that it was what I was meant to do.  I guess if I had to describe it, I would say my sound is “futuristic bass-driven-epic-type music.”

When I was a young “Young L,” my friends and I would rap and fool around in the studio but no one expected anything to come out of it at first.  We just did it for friendship and the love of music.  We called ourselves “The Wolfpack” but then we shortened it to “The Pack.” A couple of years later Rolling Stone magazine tapped our song “Vans” as the fifth best song of the year. We recorded that song in the closet of my bedroom… lol.  From there to MTV, shows on the same bill as Lil Wayne… That was pretty wild…. We learned a lot.



When we came in the game with the “Vans” song, it was a sound that no one had heard before and that’s how we got our recognition.  I believe a big problem in the industry is people trying to sound alike because they have no swag.  Seems like everyone wants to be making a dance/jerkin/gangsta-rapping/etc. song.  It has been proven recently that you can actually make a “hit” by copying some other song almost exactly and then get poppin’ off of that. Personally, that’s a weak and sorry-ass way to enter the game.  But I see a lot of people doing that kind of stuff now-a-days.  We want to influence the industry by showing up-and-coming artists that you can be successful without having to sound like everyone else.


It has been a minute since we dropped something new on the radio or MTV/BET, but we have been pretty active breaking new ground in the underground scene.  The reason it has taken so long to get out a new joint is because we had to get out of two record deals, find new management, and get signed to a new label. Now we are back in full-effect with a new album set to drop on August 24th entitled “Wolfpack Party.”  It is for sure our best project yet.  Like the title track says “tell your friends….it’s a Wolfpack Party”!

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