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Kim stuck in passport control tonight, Johannesburg. (Photo: Ellen Haddigan for Diamond Empowerment Fund.)

We were so excited to arrive into Johannesburg until we found ourselves all on one side of passport control, and Kim still on the other side. Luckily, all is fine and we are all in South Africa getting ready for a big day for DEF.

I am so happy I am here in Africa with, Khloe, Kim and Reggie.  They are losing track of the days and time with so many incredible experiences in such a short span of time. They have traveled a long way from Los Angeles to NY to Johannesburg to Botswana. We’ve covered a lot of ground in Botswana, visiting a children’s rehab center, as well as driving 2 hours each way in a van on bumpy road to visit the Jwaneng Diamond Mine and the Acacia School the provides a top education for the children of the miners.

Kim even sent a tweet to actor Tyrese saying ‘u have no idea how educating it has been coming 2 Africa! U would have loved 2 c the school we went 2 yesterday!’

It’s not a vacation like they are used to where they can let go of any stress, and have fun. They are here on behalf of the Diamond Empowerment Fund. They are here to learn, experience, and see how they can help with the empowerment through education for African youth in diamond producing countries. So far, they seem very blown away by the beauty of the people and of the places they have seen. Visiting the children at the rehab center was their first stop and the children there stole their hearts. After touring the facilities and meeting the children and the workers and volunteers, Reggie played football with the orphan boys, they had so much fun. And that was just the first of what has already been incredible experiences.

I know their hearts are full right now and now they really understand why Russell wanted them to come here so much.

Ellen Haddigan

Executive Director

Diamond Empowerment Fund

For more information on the Diamond Empowerment Fund, click here

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