The Daily Grind Video

July 6th, 2009 Back home from being on the road, Jillian and I meet up at the airport. It’s all regular conversation until… I get a call to look on a website that has pictures of Puff’s (aka Diddy) July 4th (when I still was his girl) all white party, from a friend who was there. I see pics of Mr. SM with a groupie on his lap in many pictures. It bothered me a bit, but as usual I brush it off and I carry on with my life, lol. That same night I get massive phone calls from my girl, I was asleep (1st time in 3 days) so I didn’t get it until July 7th when I get a bbm (blackberry message) from my girl Cali (you can follow her at< —- lol, another shameless plug!) telling me about Mr. SM taking a 4’11, big headed, industry hungry, no talent, sleep around to get to the top of myspace hoe, to the movies!!! On her twitter page, she stated and insinuated that he spent the night, and called herself his ‘wifey’ and he was her ‘boo’ and kept posting massive comments about him over and over!! OK, I know we broke up, but it was like one day since then…. and we still didn’t find out for sure if I was pregnant!! Where in this can you find even an ounce of respect, even a little bit of love??? Can I say strike 4,5,6,7,8,9… you get the FUCKING point!!!

Same day, I text him exactly this: “congrats for sleeping with the biggest hoe ever. That’s more your speed. Take that home to your mom. Don’t ever look my way! Don’t ever speak to me, you disgust me, and by the way, you are JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER N**GA!!!” His reply (word for word): ‘That’s my friend. I would never sleep with her, why the f**k do you care anyway… You don’t f**k with me no more, she did exactly what I told her to do, and in a couple of weeks she’s going to say, the opposite about me, I have a plan in life babe… and if you ain’t going to take off with me, or be there, or leave when you want to… then get the f**k out my life, you’re so closed and small minded, do you exactly think I’d let a broad do that?” I responded: ‘good bye’…. His last text: ‘good luck, don’t come back around. when you realize you were being childish and dumb!’ Yea OK, I’d be childish and dumb to stay with your played out mo hawk wearing ass!! (‘hint’) lmao!! Now…. here’s the kicker…. His roommate calls me!! First off, let me say that, he didn’t think it was cool that my cousin Jillian called him about our situation was right, so why is his roommate calling? Anyways, his friend begins to lay it out there!! Boy, he had a list of reasons and excuses for every single detail of my relationship with Mr. SM. Now let me give you a detailed, yet brief run down of the conversation.

1. He begs for me to go back to Mr. SM. That we were meant to be together, so stop letting my pride get in the way… (pride? of course I have pride you f**ker…lol I know my self worth!!)

2. Mr. SM has plans for his future, and is doing this for his next career moves (seriously lmao, are you fucking kidding me? HAA).

3. Explains that the p*ssy back up dancer/singer was another career move, that it was a good look to promote his energy drink overseas! (WOOOOOWWW, no comment!)

4. (And this one is my personal favorite) That the date with the 4’11, big headed, industry hungry, no talent, sleep around to get to the top of myspace hoe, was just a publicity stunt to promote him trying to get a clothing line at Wal-Mart!!! OMFG!!!!! Ummmm what does a myspace, slut bag, who has no talent or brains have anything to do with Wal-Mart, and taking her to the movies to get a clothing line??? Dude seriously??? Explain this to me please!! If that was for real, couldn’t she just call her bff’s at Wal-Mart and plug him in? Lol… Told you… Full of wack excuses!!

5. Tries to explain, Mr. SM’s whole being. What he is, how he is, how much he loves me, what he wants and doesn’t want, that I’m different