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This new remix coming from the female R&B group Rich Girl  titled ‘Swagga Right’ is definitely swagged out. Rick Ross & Fabolous had to throw a little of their own swag on the record to make it the official new swag anthem(Soulja boy move over). It comes as no surprise that these two artist would be on this record being that they are the flyest in the game right now.

It also helps that this group is Diddy’s group. Everybody knows that Diddy, Fab & Ross are the best of friends & are part of the new squad ‘The Supreme Team’. Diddy has been seen with these rappers a lot lately, Guess we have to look out for these two if Diddy is co-signing them. Take a listen & leave comments.



RichGirl feat. Fabolous Rick Ross Swagga Right Remix