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Recently Lady Gaga went to the New York Mets baseball game and seem to get bothered by the paparazzi she seem to get bothered to her breaking point. She started to yell and curse them out and give them the finger. A lot of people in the news and the blogs and radio are calling her crazy. I want to know what’s crazy about going to a baseball game drinking beer and trying to enjoy yourself and try to have a good time. What’s crazy is having paparazzi coming getting all up in her face and taking pictures of her and probably asking rude questions and saying mean things. My question is where was the Mets security to stop the paparazzi from bothering her. When I happen to know Lady Gaga loves baseball she talked about it in one of her interviews and I think that’s disrespectful of the people that run the Mets game to the paparazzi bother her like that. I heard a lot of people talk about what she was wearing but is this really a something people are still acting surprised about what Lady Gaga is wearing. People need to understand that’s how she chooses to express herself you. When somebody tells you who they are believe them and stop trying to make them into something they’re not. So bottom line is stop complaining about what she was wearing and let her do her and you do you. If you listen to Lady Gaga stand for a positive message and she’s a very smart women. That has real Talent and in the music industry you should applaud real talent when you come across it. Because it’s hard to find Lady Gaga lives and breathes her art and I respect that. So I think Lady Gaga should continue to wear whatever she wants to wear and not conform to something just to make somebody else happy. She should continue being who she is and not what people say a woman is and should acted. I think when you break it down like that all people that all different can relate. Don’t Judge Lady Gaga for what she wears judge her for who she is as a person. And from what I see she’s a great person so I’m going to leave it like that! You should judge people on their merit of their character. How do you feel about Lady Gaga?