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“THWACK” Season 6 Episode 1 will premiere tonight Showtime. Previously on Weeds, Andy has gone from crushing to wedding ring on the obstetrician Dr. Audra (Alanis Morisette) who helped deliver Nancy’s baby which was her only ticket to ensure not getting killed by her politician Esteban.   Andy then proceeds to ask Nancy to give him nana’s ring to propose to her and gets stuck in an awkward hold-up situation when they enter back into the apartment to be greeted by Dr. Audra’s stalker at arrow-point.   

Pilar, Esteban’s femme-fatale vixen of a right hand political advisor continues to threaten Nancy about murdering her kids Silas and Shane while trying to plot how to get rid  of the new milk-ball baby of a disaster.  In a failed attempt to quietly take down Nancy, Shane gets shot in the arm escalating the tension between marriage and murder in this less-than-ordinary housewife’s life.  

Season 6 will dive into an even more complex rhizoidal intertwinement of characters and events. Nancy, always on the run might have to consider a new plan to get rid of Pilar who is not only resilient but venomously malicious, watching Nancy’s every move.  


After thwacking the serpentine head of Pilar throwing her face down into Estaban’s glamorous pool Shane morphs into a heroine-extasy like trance of self proclaimed power.  Silas glorious made his way out of teenage angst by boning a pothead Milf, and Shane will follow suit in Season 6 developing his transformation from boy to man.

As usual Andy’s unsaid eternal love for Nancy continues to be a hurdle in relationships with all women in his life who quickly catch on to the fact.  Andy will have to move on and cut the blow-up disaster-on-the-move obsession or grow a pair and tame Nancy.  Esteban won’t leave the picture in Nancy’s life but fleeing is more familiar to Nancy than breathing and Season 6 will undoubtedly migrate new zip codes waiting for the Bo