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CLOSE lets jump right in it. Why do so many people hate BET?? The answer is obvious. Because there’s no more BET Rap City!!

I remember watching YO! MTV Raps and wishing to see the grittier videos instead of watching the commercial ones. Enter BET Rap City! Man…it was like someone was speaking directly to me. It had all the chemistry of what I wanted to see. The host, the booth, less talking, they even took chances playing risky videos.

The Mayor…he was hilarious with that shrug your shoulder move. And what about Big Lez?? I have friends that watched the show just to look at her. She had that Foxy Brown sex appeal and it came across the screen very well. And the infamous Big Tigger booth. That’s when you saw freestyle, or memorized freestyle at its finest. There were no blackberry’s (laugh @ Drake spoof) so you had to do your thing. That show was classic!

I don’t know when it happened, but somewhere in the late 90’s shit started getting funny style. At that time Viacom gave up completely up on YO! MTV Raps and smoothly transitioned out with YO! (peep how the word “rap’ was removed). YO!??? That’s funny. I guess they figured since they purchased BET in 1999 they could move all the “folk” to one network and revamp to begin its reality run, which I’m not mad at!!! I love Viacom/ MTV!!!

Either way, what’s wrong with everyone going to one network? Its called Black Entertainment Television right?? So I guess that’s where black shows and its audience should go?? Don’t get mad at me folks, I didn’t name the network. You have to ask Bob Johnson that question.

Now I’m not blaming anyone but I wish the higher executives would’ve had more guts to give more input in the programming area. If I were them, I would’ve fought to keep Rap City on, even if you had to censor the whole damn show (that’d be funny). I’m sure some tried, but at the end of the day we are slaves to the check right??

So who’s fault is it that we have no more Rap City?? But more importantly, how do we get it back??

Ms. Debra Lee, Stephen Hill, please bring BET Rap City back!!! Or at least bring back YO! MTV Raps!

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