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*Global Grind Exclusive*  But you can call me BOW. As y’all know, I’ve been entertaining in music, on stage and in film since I could walk. I’ve lived my life in front of the camera and you’ve watched me grow. Most people have a strong opinion about me but few actually know me.


On Sunday evening I announced my new recording deal with Cash Money Records. The response was HUGE…with both positive, negative and even confused comments.


To the fans who’ve been there since day one…I LOVE Y’ALL. I could never show enough appreciation for the support you’ve given me. I am who I am because of YOU!


To the naysayers, I hope that you give me the opportunity to earn your respect. I know that over the years I’ve put many of my faults on display which I make no excuses for. I’m young and I’ve made mistakes and I will make more. No different than any other 22 year old, I still have some growing up to do. When I said earlier this year that I may be retiring from hip-hop, I was serious. I’m not stupid, I read what you read and see what you see. I really  thought it may be time to move in a different direction and change focus. I wasn’t the first entertainer to go public with these feelings and I certainly won’t be the last (Brett Favre….just playin, welcome back Brett).


To anyone who’s confused or says I don’t belong in Cash Money…Let me remind you that I’ve been down with Baby, Slim, Wayne and the whole Cash Money family from the beginning. 10 years ago when we really were “Lil” me and Wayne did a song for the Hardball movie soundtrack. Baby was influential in my third album. Last year, Wayne and I spent 2 months together in New Orleans filming Hurricane Season. So please don’t be misinformed and think I’m just jumpin’ on “what’s hot” or trying to ride others success. This has been my extended family for more than a decade.  


And since everyone is asking…me and JD are cool! Nothing has or will change. He’ll always be that father figure that I never had and we’ll continue to make hits.


I’m ready to go to work and I don’t care if it’s hard; I’ll put the time in…I WANT TO BE THE BEST!!! The last 10 years have been an AMAZING ride…now let’s make the next 10 even better!!!


Yours truly,





Exclusive New Music: Bow Wow – Regret