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Yep, I said it. Q Boro mad thorough. We got that ether! Disclaimer..In nomanner am I promoting a rap beef. Matter of fact this blog has nothing to do withNas, G Unit, Murda INC, Run DMC, LL Cool J.....or any of their grammy, multiplatinum, Forbes list, walk of fame accolades. Nor will I say Ron Artest, MarkJackson, Kenny Anderson or Rafer Alston. And I promise not to make jokes like 'fromQueens come Kings (County). We gave birth to BK.' LOLI will be stating how Queens is the largest melting pot in NYC. This boroughsethinic groups range from Russians, Greeks, Indians, African Americans, Hispanics,Asians to Europeans from all continents. Home to the NY Mets (sorry I'm a Yankee fan), the Unisphere, P.S 1 Contemporary ArtCenter (one of NY's largest art museums) and the best pizza, Gabbys, rated #1 in NY. Its no wonder there seems to be that undercover swag that charms the naysayers . But don't sleep! Like anywhere else, we have our share of areas and people that needself improvement. Namely the NYPD.Today, August 22 2009 is the Sean Bell 'Ride For Justice' Day being held at Baisley PondPark in Queens from 12 - 7 pm. On November 25, 2006, Sean Bell was gunned down andkilled by a hail of 50 bullets fired by NYPD. Bell was unarmed. On April 25, 2008all 3 of the officers indicted were acquitted on all counts.As his fiancee, Nicole Bell and family still grieve his death and injustice of the court system,they decided to start an organization to assist families and communities in need.Although justice has failed them Nicole says 'We cannot forget families incrisis from injustices by the court system, police brutality, gun violence, civilrights abuse and abandoment from our own government'.And the govt has abandoned us countless of other times but we still have faith. So while there are things to take pride of in the boruough of Queens, let's notforget the pain its endured as well. But most of all let's look at those who upliftthe borough through trial and tribulation.Quietly written......

Rasheed Young

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