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Hey Global Grind lovers!

I know its been a while since I’ve blogged. Ive been laying low and appreciating the simple things in life!

Wow! First of all i just want to say how amazing global grind has become. I log on everyday and i love hearing alll the amazing and inspiring stories. Its really become a successful and powerful family where poeple from every race and industry can come together and just detox there thoughts and share there stories. Sharing is a key component to life. We share our thoughts and feelings through music, poetry, film, art, photography, through love and touch.

I love rolling around on whatever surface im on! Whether its the salty surface of the dead sea in Israel to the black sand beaches of Tenerife. Or even the white soft sands of Australia. I am a beach girl and am the most happiest when im just lying on the beach with my ipod in and singing to the sky! I love the water against my skin and the sand between my toes. im Austrlian born and raised. I honestly feel at peace when im next to the ocean.

Its so important for everyone to appreciate what God has given us. Our world is pefectly balanced with nature and we have to appreciate it and treat our environment as if it was our own homes, with special care as that is our detoxer and brings all the colours to planet earth.



Some easy simple environmentally friendly pointers that everyone can alter in there day to day living:


1. Always recycle plastic and paper. It takes over 100 years for one plastic bottle to decompose on the earth. So if you can use glass bottles or ceramic bottles thats a lot better.

2. Use a fabric re usable shopping bag to put all your groceries in to in order to save plastic and paper.

3. unplug all appliances when not using them

4. Try eat organic products the more and more we support the organic farm industry the more available and demand it will become and we support our organic farmers

5. I use all environmentally friendly cleaning products as it has less chemicals and will leave a helathier and fresher environent for us to breathe in.

6. Before leaving home turn off all lights and electric appliances to save power. ( How many of us forget to turn off everything before we leave our houses. Take the the extra two minutes to check before you leave.)

7. Give to as many charities as possible. I sell all my clothes at beacons closet in Brooklyn and the donations they dont buy go straight to womens refuge camps around America.

8. Drive a hybrid if you can! its fuel efficient and saves a lot of money.

9. Plant more trees! Wherever you can plant trees!

10. DONT LITTER! its bad and can really ruin the space we live in.



SO there you have it ten simple rules that we all can contribute to on a day to day basis to help us sustain and live in a respecatble and beautiful environment.

The world is YOURS and OURS to share so lets keep it beautiful and treat the environment the way all of us would like to be treated with LOVE and respect! 🙂







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