The Daily Grind Video

<p>Possums.</p><p>Oh Possums, the day started off nice enough, calm even. I awoke and Ava made&nbsp; myself a buttermilk pancake and a cup of espresso. The only thing I planned to do, was go out and test out mattresses.</p><p>I have worn out my mattress, to the point that I am starting to feel the springs, and I don&rsquo;t know if it has to do with the car accident, but my back is hurting a lot more that it has too! It is not as if there was a flux of recent activity on it. It has been spread out evenly over the years.</p><p>Or something&hellip;.okay, there has been a flux of activity on it, but I am not going to tell the people at Sleep Country Canada that!</p><p>I tried to give them a polite &ldquo;No&rdquo;. But, not with this salesman I ran into. He wouldn&rsquo;t take &ldquo;No&rdquo; for an answer! It wasn&rsquo;t enough for me to just sit on the edge of the bed. He wanted me to lie back on it.&nbsp; Bounce on it, even! And every time I finished bouncing on the bed, he would then ask me, &ldquo;So, how does that one feel?&rdquo;</p>