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Datwon- Looks like a long road back for Young Buck to the level he was enjoying about 4 to 5 years ago. Rolling in the dough with G-Unit’s head honcho, 50 Cent, affords one a life of luxury and live wire bbeef. Buck handled both very well and captured the souls of all the southern hustlers that heard him. Yet things went terribly wrong somewhere and his bond with the Unit broke and now he stands alone in trying to reclaim glory lost in the process. This track is a step in the right direction. He speaks on fam and the fact that he hasn’t lost a step. His flow is still in pocket and you can hear in his voice that his swag is coming back where even he believes he’s still got ‘it’. Stay on track Buck, you’ve got the lane wide open.


Young Simmons- ‘I would love to see Buck make a come back’