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Everyday Americans must know in our hearts that government is for the people, not the other way around. It is time to bring politics back to the people, and it will take all of us as ambassadors of that message to temper the government spending, government expansion, and government impropriety that threatens our quality of life and our ability as We the People to improve America.

To make the United States a more perfect Union despite our current situation and subsequent outcry, we must live our political and social rhetoric in real life, and not continue to jam real life into the canned packaging of our rhetoric. Our failure to move our energy from emotionalism to activism is an American crisis that no stimulus money, bank bailout, nor government program will ever fix.

Starting today, we must provide the sound leadership on the ground and in our communities so that we can change the sound bite mentality of politicians that sell us down a dangerous political path of increased debt and decreased emphasis on the individual American citizen.

In protest, we cannot testify about compassionate conservatism if we are not willing to do the work to show our compassion with tangible actions that successfully replace the failed social programs in our cities since the 1960s. We are not compassionate conservatives if we are not successfully engaging and incorporating everyday Americans from all walks of life. In essence, if we are talking about bringing about smaller government, we must humbly accept the honor of increasing the bigger role of everyday people in the quest to increase the personal and civic prosperity of our nation.  
As well, there can be no testimony of protest from loving liberals if they are willing to demonize a significant portion of patriotic Americans based on politics alone.  One cannot claim to be a loving and enlightened liberal while offering an expectation of life that gravitates primarily around the government as the center of one’s universe, not one’s own self as the center of one’s own powerful destiny as a child of God.  

Be not afraid. Now is the time. Even if you are unemployed, it does not mean that you must be unengaged. Hunting for job security does not need to mean hiding from the greater call before you. The lessons that our children need to learn to lead in the 21st century will come from our rightful responses to adversity, to obstacles, and to naysayers. Show them that you can protest historic taxation and spending and still share in the triumph of a renewed America. Now is the time to say to them – and show them – “yes we can” – showing them that campaign rhetoric is never as good as creating that new reality.

We must do this in our schools and we must do this in our neighborhoods, even on the oft-overlooked plagues before us. For example, the indivisible plague of domestic violence is a drain on money, communities, and families – a plague that we can eliminate starting today through the expression of one mantra continuously:

We will not accept the existence of partner abuse in our communities because it is a price that all of us can not afford to pay any longer.

We cannot afford the $700 million in business productivity lost annually due to domestic violence as we compete on a global scale in a tough economy.

We cannot afford to have our police departments spend the majority of their calls on domestic situations if we plan on cleaning up our streets of illegal guns, illegal drugs, and illegal activity.

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