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<p>"I can’t belive it I was going to hire this person until I had seen all the obsence things they had on their Myspace Profile"</p><p>"This is awesome because I can now find out all the terrible things people like to say about eachother with out being waste deep in the mess, the Myspace private profile viewer is amazing!"</p><p>This is the only working Myspace private profile viewer that will actually display a private profile. There have been many others built but the others do not actually work because of lack of technology. Dont belive us check out videos our users made about us and our services Click Here &amp; Click Here</p><p>Because you can see information about your family, friends, employees and random strangers with out having to add them as a friend on Myspace. The ability to view private profiles is something that you can’t put a price on and now this service is free. So tell all your friends that you can view private profiles and find out what you couldn’t see before.</p><p>How To View Private Myspace Profiles, learn how and why this works and why all the steps are required. First the description of the Myspace security loop hole that we use. It works because myspace has left open a small loop hole in their security settings through the new share this feature. The share this feature allows users to upload content to their myspace page, blog, or bulletins. So by sharing online content their is a small hole in the URL settings that allows us to tweak the settings on any users private profile. So we require you as step number one to share our site so we can gain access to that security fault. The reason we do not release this code to the public is because people have done that in the past and myspace has patched the hole quickly. We have to require you to share our site because if you share our site we can gain access to this loop hole. So after you share our site to your myspace profile you are then directed to fill out 3 offers from our sponsors. We understand this is not desirable but our cost of running our servers and the time it took to find this hack was expensive and we have to try to cover our costs to keep this service free. The key word is the same on all the offers and can be found at the bottom right of the 3rd page of survey number 3. So tell your friends that it is now possible to view private profiles!</p>

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