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I think Michael Jackson was ahead of his time. The influence that he has made in music period, made all artists step their game up and really make good records and not a collection of noise.

Michael Jackson inspired me as an artist, in that I made sure no one could touch me lyrically or copy my style, as MJ did. As a musician, i made sure to keep a close ear to the streets, in order to carefully choose what tracks I made my singles. 


My favorite memory of Michael Jackson has definitely got to be the ‘Thriller’ music video. I know it’s probably everyone’s favorite memory, but when he came out with that red leather jacket….BOOOYY, I tell ya, he set the bar for the rest of music history.


I can’t even express what his music has done for me…for the music industry, in general. But what I can express is that without him, none of this – for anyone – would be possible.

– Twista |Follow me @Twistagmg