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An e-mail titled “Oprah Millionaire Contest Show,” currently circulating around the Internet, is a big fat scam, says the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The message says the recipient has been nominated to be on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” during which a winner of the cash will be named. Then it asks the “nominee” for contact information, reports the Los Angeles Times. Those “chosen” for the show, likely anyone who responds to the e-mail, are told that the next step is to purchase their own airline or train ticket to Chicago for the program. The authors of the e-mail tell readers to send the money for the travel and show tickets directly to them. Winfrey’s official show Web site,, has posted a warning that there are several “sweepstakes scams” concerning the show, and that no such program is scheduled. See a copy of the offending message at the scam-busting Web site