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A couple of weeks ago LC recited one of the commandments TSS was founded upon some five years ago: Dave Chappelle is an unquestioned genius. Because of this, Dave is one person I’ve always hoped would reemerge. He won’t, I know, but let’s just say he did decide return. Where would it be? What would he do? And is there anything even worth Dave even taking his time to step back into the lab? You damn right there is.

“The Boondocks.” Which makes its long awaited return in a little over a month from now.

The enjoyable ignorance and painfully true social commentary are two of the main reasons Aaron McGruder’s creation has garnered the respect and notoriety it has. The last show to do this? You guessed it. “The Chappelle Show.” To help Aaron and Dave, here are a list of three potential characters Dave could bring to life. Kudos to my dude Mike for the assistance.


1. The Mogul – Like “A Pimp Named Slickback,” The Mogul is actually his real name. This role would be shaped around Dave’s “P. Diddy” character with the same odd requests and signature voice. We all know of Riley’s love for Hip-Hop, specifically ignorant Hip-Hop, and this is exactly what The Mogul specializes in. Having Riley hang and soak up game around The Mogul could lead to a season’s worth of quotables if we play our cards right. Of course, if you bring in another character of this nature, you have to come with a more moving anthem than “Homies Over Hoes.” As for that, I’ve got nothing.

Also, “The Boondocks” has always been known to speak on relevant and current issues. So why not have The Mogul sign his artists to one-sided contracts? That happens, right?


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