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This was the rallying cry heard throughout the neighborhoods of Hollis and Jamaica, Queens today as hundreds of people rockin’ bright orange jackets took the streets to kick off the amazing new anti-violence campaign, PEACEKEEPERS.

The Peacekeeper initiative deters crime and violence by introducing a strong presence of community men into unstable neighborhoods to make streets safe for our women, children and seniors.  They believe that crime and violence in our community is a social problem that can never be resolved by an influx of police and more prisons.  It also restores pride in our men, trust/respect in our women and strength within our communities.

The pilot program funded by Russell Simmons and supported by Global Grind, was founded by Dennis Muhammad and for the past two months the Peacekeepers have undergone an intensive training program.  Today was the first day they hit the streets.

On the street corner where 13 year old Kevin Miller was killed in October in broad daylight, Russell was joined by Cheryl Wray aka Salt of Salt n’ Pepa, Erica Ford of Bury Da Beef and hundreds of Peacekeepers to kick off the program.

Anyone can be a Peacekeeper…you just have to give one hour a week.  For more information about The Peacekeepers email or 1.888.508.0883.

One Hour Of Doing Something Is Better Than 24 Hours Of Nothing!