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Lady Gaga’s outfits won’t really look good on us and no matter how well we can pull off pleather one-sies or cybersex robot sunglasses,  we’ll merely be an impersonator at best.  Saving us from acquiesence to the endless tsunami of trends, here comes the Internet.  The convenience and immediacy of technology platforms make it easier than ever to create exactly what the consumer wants. 


In the shoe industry, companies like Nike (a brand king on its own), branched out into letting customers engage in self-branding through platforms such as Nike ID, where customers can design their own sneakers.  There is something more organic about fit, function, and aesthetics when individuals get to be part of the building process.  We find value in these products such as custom suits, sneakers, and BMX bikes because of the extra craftsmanship that went into the meaningful construction of it.  Pop culture on the street takes this concept of individualization and maximized utility by hijacking hot styles from various subcultures and appropriating them into a new swagger through stylistic rearrangements known as culture jamming.

We’ve rounded up a list of interfaces that allow for customization of headphones, surfboards and more.  Although it may seem as superficial as getting a nose job, there is still something organic and stimulating about cosmetic customization. The tailoring process gives us a chance to articulate our identity.  It’s a chance to collaborate among many disciplines on one platform, and transform the consumption process into a creative production of cultural avatars singing a youthful anthem of self exploration.





It’s time to give our shades a little pop against the streaming summer rays.  From the frame, jaw, bolts, ear socks and even lens colors we can personalize every last detail of our new sunglasses through Oakley.  They are highly functional and great for the outdoors and sporting activities.


iPhone Case: Case-mate

Blackberries and iPhones evolved anatomically into the third hand.  It’s almost inseparable from our bodies, so let’s get an upgrade from those plain Jane in-case solid covers and get a little funky with the designs by artists. Or even better, create our own through collaboration with artists. is a company specializing in groundbreaking interfaces that allows for efficient and intelligent collaboration. Users can pick different elements of style and iconic images from artists, to collage and arrange  according to individual’s tastes.  Give this artistic playground a whirl, they might make obsessive texting, and OCD Facebook status updates look a little more dignified.


Headphones: ifrogz

iFrogz provides cases for iPads, Blackberries, laptops and more.  However, their winning section is EarPollution headphone cus

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