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I feel as if one of the main problems in our world today is that we are afraid to speak up. If you never speak your mind then no one will ever know anything is wrong. I’ve had this topic on my mind for a while now and am choosing to act on it.

Growing up I rarely spoke my mind because I dislike confrontation. Never wanted anybody to disagree with something that I believed in so I’d just keep things to myself. Don’t follow that judgment. I’ve come to learn that speaking your mind is two times as powerful as holding things in.


Now I am not saying to speak your mind in a condescending manner. Bad attitudes don’t increase your altitude, but a good attitude just might. So the next time you’re feeling as if nobody around you understands you, it might just be because you’ve yet to put what’s on your mind into speech.

If you’re like me then you strive to be the leader rather than the follower. If the leaders of this world never spoke up on their beliefs we wouldn’t have awarded them that title.


I’ve come to learn that everyone will not agree upon everything I say but that doesn’t mean I should keep important things to myself. More unneeded energy is built up keeping things to ourselves rather than opening up about them.

God gave us ears to hear and the world is full of them. And I can guarantee that at least one of those pairs of ears will take the time to listen if you just speak up.

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