You may see Andrea Brooks and Blair Fowler on their respective YouTube channels every week, but the two viral video starlets are now teaming up for Colgate Optic White’s The Smile Show. Aesthetically, a person’s smile is one of their best assets and who better to tell the masses how to maintain their smiles than Andrea and Blair? GlobalGrind […]

Rappers have to keep it real. It’s a fact. In order to be successful at this craft, an emcee’s gotta be true to his or her self. In comes George Watsky. A white rapper who is not a gangster, never sold drugs and has never once compromised his art to be something he is not. George […]

When you’re young and living in a world that obsesses over perfection, it can be intimidating and disheartening to be yourself.  Nothing you do is ever as good as the next person. You completely lose your sense of self trying to keep up with who people think you ought to be.  PHOTOS: Tony Anderson Investigates […]

Hairy and scary! VIDEO: Pastor Drops “Rappin’ For Jesus” To Encourage The Youth This has got to be the cutest video we’ve seen in a long time.  Professional MMA and UFC fighter veteran Justin “The Viking” Wren headed to the motherland to bring food and water to the Mbuti Pygmy tribe of Eastern Congo.  While Justin […]

An Iowa church, that is now shut down, released a video earlier this month that encourages youth to join their outreach program, but reports reveal it might have been a hoax. Youtube user Brian Spinney posted the public video called “Rappin’ For Jesus” to his page, which shows a pastor rapping along to a beat […]

She’s baaaaack! Andrea Herrera, aka Kat Stacks has returned. The YouTube sensation who claims to have slept with many big names in the music industry and has been known to air their dirty laundry on her blog, uploaded her first video after spending two years behind bars. What?! DETAILS: Kat Stacks B*tch! She’s Backkk… And Giving Thanks […]

Over 917 million views on YouTube, a catchy hook and an equally catchy jig will get you invited to the White House; even after you make a song calling for the killing of American military troops. DETAILS: Oh Snap! PSY Takes A Royal Title From Justin Bieber “Gangham Style” star Psy performed at “Christmas in […]


In the world we live in we are constantly getting categorized against our own will. We’ve failed to believe such things such as, if you’re hair is silky and curly then you’re prettier than the girl with the natural afro. Or if you’re a boy who just so happens to like rocking timbs and champion […]


I feel as if one of the main problems in our world today is that we are afraid to speak up. If you never speak your mind then no one will ever know anything is wrong. I’ve had this topic on my mind for a while now and am choosing to act on it. Growing […]

Patience is Key Greetings again Global Grind Fam! I wanted to touch on a subject that is hard for many people including myself to face sometimes. Patience. We all have dreams and goals that we would like to accomplish, but the truth of the matter is we don’t want to be told that they don’t […]

Hello Global Grind, This is model and Brooklynite Damaris Lewis. Recently, NY Fashion Week kicked off and with that comes the frenzy of long days for many models. Fashion Week is one of the most hectic times for a model, with some going on more than 10 castings per day, combined with fittings, shows and […]