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Greyson Chance is best known as the latest YouTube phenomenon, but we here at GG have a new title for him, Prince of Pop. Young Greyson Chance is what pop music has been missing.

We first saw Greyson on the Ellen DeGeneres show, after he received millions of hits on his YouTube video of a sixth grade talent show. Since then he has received a whirlwind of attention and it is definitely well-deserved. Watching his talent show video makes you feel like you should be front row at a concert, where he would serve as the main performance. Greyson is spotlight material.

NEXT it to see Greyson with Lady Gaga!


The YouTube video that spun him in the direction of great fame was his version of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi.” He recently met Lady Gaga, the inspiration to his YouTube sensation video. He tweeted about the experience, and even shared a picture he took with Gaga. If Lady Gaga believes in him, then we know we have ourselves something special in Greyson Chance.

Not only was Greyson able to sing his unique rendition of “Paparazzi,” but he also plays the piano. He is made up of nothing but raw talent. The 12-year-old has no actual vocal training, only three years of piano lessons under his belt, but he can belt out lyrics more beautifully than I have heard in a long time from any artist.

The title of Prince of Pop is quite powerful, being that Michael Jackson was, and will always remain, the King of Pop. In his short time of stardom, Greyson has already proved himself to be a success. YouTube stardom happens, but not often, and not as great as in his case. It is his talent that drew the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, and led her to help him make something of his unusual and hard to find raw talent.


Ellen DeGeneres brought him back onto her show again for him to showcase more of what he has to offer. He performed a song written and composed by himself titled ‘Broken Hearts.’ He even inspired Ellen to create her own record label ‘eleveneleven’ where he is the first artist signed. Check out the video that started it all.

Raw talent is what pop music needs. Greyson Chance is not a pre-packaged superstar. He is a simple 12-year-old boy from Oklahoma who happens to have an outstanding voice, and an ear for music, real music. He is pure talent, and the music industry needs more of this. As an audience, we are so accustomed to many artists that are designed and created by record labels to capture our attraction. This is what makes Greyson Chance so special. We are attracted to his talent, not an artist that was put together purposely for us to like. That is why Global Grind considers Greyson Chance the Prince of Pop.