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There have been many suspicions that Jay-z is connect with Freemasonry but it has never been confirmed here is some of the evidence that suggests he may be.

Jay z and Kanye west Shaking Hands The Handshake is done by the fellow craft (2ND degree of Freemason which is Kanye west approaching the master mason (3rd degree which is jay z and placing his thumb on the master masons 2nd knuckle joint where the master mason is supposed to feel it and respond by putting his thumb on the 1st knuckle joint of Kanye west or the fellow craft (2nd degree)

Jay-z’s Roc’a’Fella signature is the Roc’a’Fella diamond which is made by touching the thumbs and pointer finger’s together to make a diamond shape however it is usually shown as a triangle. One eye is often shown in the middle of the “diamond” as well causing it to look very much like the eye of Horus.
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