It seems like the hotter the summer gets, the less clothing celebrities wear. But hey, we’re not complaining. Serena Williams was definitly giving us some back at the ESPY awards while Kristin Cavaliri is showing us her back while taking a dip in the pool.  Serena and Kristin kick off another weekend of celebrity back shots. […]

The beauty of Black women is hard to overlook, yet it seems some scientists haven’t done thorough research. Psychology Today blogger Satoshi Kanazawa recently posted an article entitled “Why are Black women less physically attractive than other women?” As if the title was not absurd enough, Kanazawa went on to state that the testosterone hormone is […]

After the final numbers were tallied, Hall Pass narrowly defeated Gnomeo & Juliet for #1 at the box office this past weekend, $13.5M to 13.4M. Hey, a win is a win. The other big release, Drive Angry (in 3D!) debuted in 9th place, which means it w

Twitter was going crazy this morning over a trending topic called #thingsthedevilcreated or #thingsthedevilinvented. There are lots of evil things in the world, some of which could only be created by none other than satan himself. PHOTOS: Things That Make You Go Hmmm… Above is a little devil baby, which has devil creation written all […]

This is Alister Crowley The world’s Most wickedest man That ever stepped foot on the earth, he was so wicked his own mother called him the beast and He also called himself the beast or 666.  Alister Crowley Believed In Satanic Ritual Abuse where you get a young innocent child and you Molest, Beat and […]

Willow Smith was the subject of a  recent mini-article entitled Willow Smith: Next Illuminati Star? ,where we’ve asked if she was the next “Illuminati star” based on some revealing pictures. Well what had to happen happened: her first video Whip My Hair is out and, as expected, there are some not-so-subtle hints to Illuminati symbolism and mind control Absent […]

Jay-Z’s “On to the Next One” has many people wondering what’s the meaning behind the creepy images. The best way to understand the imagery is to understand the occult context in which they are used. This article takes a look at the occult meaning of the symbols found in this video in relation to Jay-Z’s […]

There have been many suspicions that Jay-z is connect with Freemasonry but it has never been confirmed here is some of the evidence that suggests he may be. Jay z and Kanye west Shaking Hands The Handshake is done by the fellow craft (2ND degree of Freemason which is Kanye west approaching the master mason (3rd degree which is jay z and placing his […]

<p>This hip-hop illuminati mess is out of control. In this video, I do an analysis of why the Jay-Z Deception Internet documentary didn’t make sense and what might be in play here.</p>

<p>The absolute all-time BEST Gospel aerobics dance instructor has GOT to be&nbsp; Billy Blanks Paul Eugene.</p><p>Sometimes if I don&rsquo;t feel like working out, I&rsquo;ll just fire up this video (see below) and just&nbsp;stare at the gentleman to the right of the video. &nbsp;That usually gets me going but Paul, Paul gets me fired up. &nbsp;This […]

<p><span style="font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; color: #393733; line-height: 21px;">TV evangelist Pat Robertson claims Haiti’s earthquake was the result of a "deal with the Devil." While the man is clearly an idiot, here’s what he was trying to say.</span></p>