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White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs just tweeted:

POTUS watched vote in room aptly named for president who started this – cheers and clapping at 216 – high five for Rahm, hugs all around


Today is one the most historic days in American history.  Health Care Reform has PASSED the United States Congress and will be signed into law by President Obama later this week.  After over a year of debate and vigorous arguments, the House Of Representatives passed the bill with a vote of 219-212.  Earlier in the day, President Obama and the Democrats struck a deal with pro-life Democrats, where the President will sign an Executive Order further outlining the limit of federal money for abortions.  With this deal in place, the Democrats secured enough votes to get this bill passed.  Read about the 10 immediate changes that will take place because of the reforms.

To a standing ovation as she entered the chambers, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said in her final remarks, ‘With great humility, and with great pride, we will make history for our country and progress for the American people.  This is an American proposal that honors the tradition of our country.’


Republicans pulled out every trick they could to stop the passage of the bill, even took to the balcony of the Capitol to show their support to the few thousand tea party protesters.

And in the closing arguments of Minority Leader John Boehner, his anger came out as he yelled at the Democrats for not reading the bill.  Gotta see this video HERE.

During the final moments of the Health Care debate, there was another bizarre incident in the House, very much like when Republican Congressman Joe Wilson yelled at President Obama ‘You Lie!’.  While Democrat Representative Bart Stupak, who is one of the the most prominent Democratic pro-lifers, was speaking, a Republican representative yelled at him ‘baby killer.’  Watch the video HERE.