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My name is Supa Creative but you can just call me Supa. I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana and I’m a young mogul in training. I’m really interested in Music, Girls, Fashion, and creating the change I want to see in the world. A lot of rappers talk about how they plan on “changing the game”… I don’t! Hip Hop is fine with me. I’m here to enhance the game and take the listening experience for the fans of real music (the people that actually BUY music) to another level!

Supa Creative

I think the song “Twitter Love” was created by my huge obsession with tweet’n. My first few months on Twitter I couldn’t stop updating. I took my phone with me to eat, to the restroom, to school, in the car, and everywhere! So it was only right that I make a song about my newfound obsession for micro blogging.  


I would like to have 100,000 followers before Thanksgiving! Ashton Kutcher aka @aplsuk “Mr. 5,735,724” followers is following me! My big bro Usher Raymond aka @UsherRaymondIV is also following me and by the way, If it wasn’t for Usher and the hands on situations he place’s me in I probably wouldn’t have met @Aplusk.

Ashton and I met in 2009 at the MTV inaugural ball in Washington DC, after President Obama’s epic inauguration. I think it’s safe to say that he was instantly a fan of Supa and eager to help me out in anyway possible. When asked about says, Ashton says, ‘I admire people who pursue their dreams with an understanding that a dream combined with hard work will create a desired reality. Supa gets it.’ -Ashton Kutcher
I plan on releasing my first official project tilted “The S Files” on Dec 11, 2010.  I felt like “Twitter Love” should be my first single off the project, Ashton tweeted the record to his followers so I felt obligated to take it a step further. A couple months later, I decided to fly out to L.A. and shoot the video for “Twitter Love.” I reached out to Ashton; he came on my set and took over. Lol We both have really bubbly personalities so working with him was amazing, we had a blast!!

supa creative

The coolest part about this video is… it was produced, directed, and edited by at risk youth in California that participate in this wonderful organization called MRAT (Making Room at the Top).  Preteens and Tweens directed it! WOW!

Yours truly, Supa Creative

Follow me on Twitter:Twitter.Com/SupaCreative
Visit http://www.SupaCreativeMusic.Com for info and updates!

Check out the video for ‘Twitter Love’ starring Supa Creative and Ashton Kutcher on the next page!


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