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Gucci Mane has an IPhone application on the way. Yes, we all read that correctly. The King of All Things Icy, the originator of the term “Burr”, Gucci Mane Le Flare is getting his own IPhone app. Much like Lil’ Jon’s Sound Board, Gucci’s app will allow IPhone users to play a recording of Gucci’s signature phrases at random.

Gucci, who is currently busy working on his next album, The Appeal, (An appeal after The State vs. Radric Davis. Get it?) is not the only rapper Apple has linked up with since the IPhone was released.



T-Pain – ‘I Am T-Pain’

The man who brought auto-tune back from the ’80’s pop graveyard was the first hip-hop artist to receive is own IPhone app. T-Pain’s ‘I Am T-Pain’ allows users to not only record themselves singing T-Pain’s hits with the assistance of auto-tune, but to make their own recordings. Users can share these recordings with each other online via Smule


Lil’ Jon – ‘The Official Soundboard’

After ‘I Am T-Pain’ was successful, Lil’ Jon introduced ‘The Official Soundboard’, which provided users with recordings of some of the Atlanta-based rapper and producer’s most famous catch phrases, including, ‘What!’, ‘Yeah!’, and ‘Okay!’


MC Hammer – Hammer Time

MC Hammer’s app,  ‘Hammer Time’ (of course), allows anyone with an IPhone or IPod Touch to follow the ’90’s rappers tweets and tour dates, as well as watch some of his videos, including ‘Can’t Touch This’.

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