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<p>Here at our street scoopers hit me on the jack at about 9pm California time with this news. OK, remember last year Wendy Williams &nbsp;reported on her radio show a sex-tape was circulating underground that had Kelis&nbsp;in it and a producer that was talking into the camera at Nas, telling him to come get his bitch &ldquo;she up here butt ass naked&rdquo; while Kelis&nbsp;slept in the background? &nbsp;At that time Wendy Williams reported that it was D-list Producer Infared. There was also said to be a very hot sex scene on this tape with Kelis. Well &nbsp;has learned that this Producer in the Sex Scene was NOT Infared but Indeed world renown Producer (and at that time very married and still with wife) SWIZZ BEATS!!! Here is how it was reported: Kelis (who at this time contrary to earlier &nbsp;reports was indeed married) had a party to celebrate the MTV Video Awards. Nas arrived at the &nbsp;party late and was advised by security that he could not enter. Meanwhile, inside Kelis&nbsp;bumped and grind in the V.I.P with the likes of Kanye West, Babyface and was seen whispering, smiling, drinking and sitting on the lap of Swizzy. &nbsp;This explains why this Sex-tape has not come out. Swizz has the money to hold something like this up. A D-list producer, or a B list R&amp;B artist, does not have the money to stop something as big as a sex tape that involved The Wife of one of the biggest rappers Ever and a well known Producer/ Artist. My Street scoopers &nbsp;report that this tape is as close as it&rsquo;s ever been to being released. A lot of speculation around here lately is that Nas found out that it was Swizzy after initially hearing it was Infared and that is what led to their Sudden Divorce. Infared has come out and admitted he did have a encounter with Kelis but did not know she was married. Word has it that Swizzy knew that Infared and Kelis kicked it prior to Him and Kelis hooking up,&nbsp; so he gave Infared a phat check to take the blame in case the tape ever did get discovered.</p><p>PDRTJS_settings_202662_post_3506 = { "id" : "202662", "unique_id" : "wp-post-3506", "title" : "Breaking+News%21%21%2A%2A%2A+SWIZZ+BEATS+was+the+Producer+on+the+sex+tape+with+Kelis%3F+No+wonder+it+hasn%27t+come+out", "item_id" : "_post_3506", "permalink" : "" }</p><p>This entry was posted on January 31, 2010 at 2:59 am and is filed under Are U F…. Kidding Me Right Now, Dumb Sh*t!, Who knows their Hip Hop?, hoe with tags Alicia Keys, alicia keyz, beats, does swizz and kelis have a sextape?, kelis, kelis swizz beat sex tape, nefertiti, sex tape, sextape, swizz, Swizz Beats.You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.</p><p>You must be logged in to post a comment.</p><p>Get a free blog at Theme: Black Letterhead by Ulysses Ronquillo.</p>