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Go to the blog entry to see the video!LAWD, I posted about this a while ago, thinking “surely, they jest!” Well, no. Color me as wrong as Keylolo’s blonde locks!They are going to be airing a 22 minute “SuperSneak” peek during halftime of the Super Bowl on Sunday on Oxygen, and it’ll also be streaming online at *sets the Tivo*.Please tell me this fool does not ride around his house on a SCOOTER. I’m so dead and buried in Ted Manson’s backyard, WTF LOL! Here I was calling my Big Mama lazy for making me come from the other side of the house to “get her some water.”His wife though? Hellloooooo, she fine! She got kind of cut arms too. I LOL’ed when he ran over the decoration on the ground. “What is that supposed to be?” “It’s an ‘I’ Deion.” “Oh, I thought it was a goal post.”*dead & crankin’ dat with the angels*Posted by The IPS

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