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If you follow 50 Cent on Twitter you will notice that he has been tweeting a lot more lately.  I guess he has realized how powerful of a marketing tool the social network is.  Besides the usual antics, which display 50’s tremendous sense of humor his updates reveal that he is currently hard at work on his new album, The Return of the Heartless Monster.

If you’re a fan that has been following 50 since the mixtape scene then you know of the stories of the countless amount of hours he is known to put into the studio.  However, after playing the Hollywood scene and starring in several major motion pictures it seems as if Fifty has been leaving his fans on edge for a new album.  So, hearing that the G-Unit founder and record mogul is putting extra effort into finishing his new album is refreshing. 

Via Twitter, Fifty released an all-star cast of people that he has been working with on his new project and the laundry list of names include, Lil Kim, Akon, Ryan Leslie, Swizz Beatz, Busta Rhymes, of course his fellow G-Unit Soldiers and even Kanye West.

With a heavy hitting line-up like that we can expect this new 50 album to be a sure classic whenever it is finished.  Check out pics below from a recent studio session.

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