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King of controversy Mr. Kanye West debuted his Runaway movie in London (Oct.7, 2010). Firstly, we must address Kanye’s wardrobe choice—a loose gray blouse with brown banded stripes at the bottom, which give the illusion of a bare midriff due to the color and fit. He also wore black skinnies and a black, zippered leather blazer.

However bizarre his outfit was, his interview with the Daily Mirror after the premiere was much more so. In the interview, Kanye dissed Lindsey Lohan saying, “I promised I wouldn’t tear up… but have you heard of a little thing called Lindsay Lohan’s Ungaro collection? That was like the 9/11 of fashion. It was game over for me after that as no one would take a celebrity trying to do fashion seriously.”

Read on to see pictures and what else Kanye had to say!


On the passing of legend Michael Jackson:
With the passing of Michael Jackson, I feel a responsibility to bring things to our generation that can inspire and bring real culture to pop culture. I don’t sleep any more thinking how we are going to fill this gap, and create something to inspire on the level he did.

On his plan to inspire the world:
I don’t want to be put in the hip-hop box, I’m an artist. Hopefully I’ll hook up with George Lucas and do a film about yellow people with beaks.”

I’m like a tree, I feed the branches of the people.”