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Dining with the stars is not for all, but some of our favorite celebrities have branched out into the world of gastronomy offering us a seat at their dinner table.  Get a taste of Diddy’s favorite home-style dishes at Justin’s and wash it down with Eva’s favorite sangria at Beso’s. Bring your ninja skills to woo the geishas at Ashton Kutcher’s Hollywood hot-spot and snag a taste of Ludacris’ Asian-Southern fusion down in Atlanta.  We’ve put together a list of restaurants that exceed the expectations of a foodie’s palate, themed and styled by the glamorous celebs we love.



Justin’s: Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs (New York, NY & Atlanta, GA)
Can’t nobody hold Diddy down.  The 40 year old rap mogul of Bad Boy Entertainment, owner of Sean John, and producer of Making the Band just won’t stop- not until everyone washes down his favorite foods with Diddy stamped cocktails at his restaurant, Justin’s.

Inspired by Sean’s grandma Jesse Smalls and named after his son, Diddy provides a good tasting opportunity of his favorite dishes at this restaurant.  Any foodie will protest, ‘not another steakhouse’ but surf and turf is probably the last thing to order among items like pastries filled with jerk chicken.  I’d eat cardboard wrapped in a buttery, flakey crust.  Forget creamed spinach and mushrooms and top your meal off with collard greens, catfish fritters and roasted chicken basted in caramel. 

Soul food never fails to add a dose of extra comfort on a cold dreary day, but the drinks at this joint are off the chain and party-ready.  True to Diddy’s bad boy style, the cocktail list does not miss any element of Alize, Remy, or Hypnotique.  I’m always intrigued when they list anything called ‘special ingredients’ as noted under the elusive concoction named ‘P.Diddy’.  All I have to say is, there is no other lubricant like alcohol.


Geisha House: Ashton Kutcher (Hollywood, CA)

How sexy can sushi be after picking up a slice of nigiri between the nipples off a naked woman? Ashton Kutcher proposes, the geisha.  Part owner of the Geisha House now a mainstay in the Hollywood cityscape, Kutcher suggests a glamorous ninja-crunk element to trite sushi-themed institutions.  It’s the kind of restaurant where we want to dine late to transition into a night of Hollywood beauty. 

The menu boasts an expansive list of rolls including ‘no-rice’ rolls for carb-freaks if you are really up for life without rice and bread (count me out).  Some standouts from the menu are Octopussy (diced octopus, spicy cream sauce, scallion, tobiko flakes, spicy tuna, and tempura flakes) and the Geisha’s Vice (Seared Albacore Sits Atop Spicy Wrap Of King Crab, Roasted Jalapeno, Mushroom, Cucumber, Scallions).

Geisha House claims to provide a ‘sexy titilating dining experience’ offering many fresh fruit and sake infused martinis to wash away your insecurities and bring out your inner geisha.  Who knows? You might just walk out with a sake-infused happy ending.

Beso: Eva

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